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Excessive Video Game Playing Linked to Generalized Anxiety Disorder – A Large-Scale Investigation of Gaming, Attitudes and Anxiety (2)

The (slightly filtered) dataset underlying this post has been released publicly on PsyArxiv. If you want me to do more analyses, please contact me any time. You can do them yourself, too, of course! This is part 2. Re-read part 1 here. I finally took the time to get into the data and do the first analyses for which I used the...

Purging of memories from conscious awareness tracked in the human brain

When being asked about the importance of memory most people would say that remembering something is good and forgetting something is bad. While this seems reasonable to believe about factual knowledge (f.e. information about places or names of persons), there are certainly cases where it is beneficial to not remember something. The most prominent example is amnesia after a traumatic...

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