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Create better posters in less time

A few days ago, Mike Morrison published a 20min video explaining the major flaw in current research poster design and offering an alternative. The video is totally worth a watch for everyone going to conferences and presenting at or attending poster sessions. The end result But why? The reasoning is straightforward: In the middle, there is the most important conclusion...

Working with soldiers

originally written for I let my eyes wander along the front gate. The entrance to the University campus is closed and guarded. A sign reads ‘Military Security Area – Attention firearms use’. The atmosphere is freezing and the place seems empty. A grim-looking soldier greets me briefly: ‘Ausweis, bitte.’ So much for first impressions, huh?

The single reason for why basic research is important

People, like me, who are doing basic research, get often asked about how our basic science research can be applied. Most of the time, we don’t know. Nobody knows. Maybe someday we will, maybe we won’t. This is not important. Why not? Imagine you suddenly wake up naked in a rocky, sandy place, in the middle of nowhere. It’s really hot and you start...